Slot Machine Review: Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo's Quest

Will you strike gold?

The Spanish conquistadors looking for the mythical city of gold, El Dorado, in the 16th Century never did quite find it. Primarily because it never existed. Instead they found a fair amount of hostility and…cinnamon trees. Modern day explorers of fun, easy-to-play online slot machines however, have over the years been delighted to stumble upon this gem from those bright sparks over at Net Entertainment.

Gonzo’s Quest has got players gushing with delight. A brief hunt online and we see that it’s “awesome to look at” according to one player, whilst another chirps that it’s “outstanding.” Other players are keen to praise the animation and gameplay which is considered “crazy good.”

“Do you know what it’s like to fall in love…?” started one slot machine player’s appraisal of Gonzo’s Quest and whilst that may be verging on hyperbole, we kind of know how he feels.


Avalanche wheels for the win

Don’t expect typical spinning reels. Here, blocks of stone crumble or drop away and are replaced by new ones – almost tetras-like – in what are known as “avalanche reels.” The symbols peppering these reels are..well, we’re not sure, we exhausted our knowledge of history in 16th century South America in the opening paragraph. There’s a half-man/half-monkey transvestite looking thing with gold teeth and big gold earrings. There’s a blue mythical looking bird. There’s a green shamanic looking bloke. You – hopefully – get the picture.

Alongside these reels stands Gonzo. He can get quite animated. He scratches his beard, he yells with delight, he takes off his hat and twirls it around on his finger, he moonwalks. Yep, our Gonzo is quite the flamboyant entertainer.

Accompanying all this good-natured revelry are sounds of the Amazon – chirping birds, insects – and brief bursts of pipey music, all very much in keeping with the theme.


Gonzo's Quest Live


Golden multipliers

But what is Gonzo trying to achieve? Sure, we like flamboyant entertainers as much as anyone but surely Gonzo isn’t just some jumped-up street performer who is there to dance and yelp and solicit our attention?

Well, no. He’s trying to get gold. One of the best ways for him (and, by extension, you) to get this is by activating the free balls bonus feature. Trigger this by landing three free fall Scatter symbols on three consecutive reels. This allows 10 free spins (or, more accurately, 10 free crumbles). With every win the multiplier number balloons – from 3x to 6x to 9x to, hopefully 15x where the big wins hang out.



Whilst big wins here aren’t as mythical as El Dorado, Gonzo’s Quest is unlikely to make you rich. It could pay for a month long holiday traipsing around the Amazon looking for lost cities. El Dorado is now used metaphorically to any place where wealth can be rapidly acquired. This online slot being one such place. Failing that, this well thought out and finely executed game will keep you entertained and give lots of small wins.