Slot Machine Review: Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams

Meet Heidi

Hands up who wants to be Heidi from Finland? Just a few of you? None of you? Okay, what about if we told you that Heidi from Finland won over €4 million on Mega Fortune Dreams in the summer of 2016, after just six spins. Now how many of you want to be Heidi from Finland? Thought so.

Mega Fortune Dreams is the child of Mega Fortune, a Net Entertainment game that was considered the most played online slot machine in the world – in no small part due to the mammoth progressive jackpot.

But it wasn’t just that. NetEnt slots tend to be sleek, crisp and a joy to play. In that respect, Mega Fortune Dreams shines.


Yacht does it look like?

This game screams opulence. The action takes place on – where else? – the deck of a luxury yacht. Winning symbols are what you might expect from a slot that basks in the aspirational: half-full cans of super strength lager, social security cheques, roll-up cigarettes and tattered, hooded tops.

Okay, not really.

Symbols of a lower value are T,J,Q,K and A and are unsurprisingly caked in jewels. They jostle for space alongside bling-like handbags, watches, diamond rings and what look to be bottles of champagne or sparkling wine. If you put a gun to our heads, we’d guess at champagne.

Two palm trees make up the wild symbol and a massive diamond serves as the scatter – just in case you were beginning to forget that this game is all about making it rich. As Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, Simon Hammon explained: “We design our games to provide as much excitement as possible to players and what could be more exciting than becoming a multi-millionaire?” You have to admit, he has a point.

Finally, the wheel of fortune icon triggers the bonus.


Mega Fortune Dreams casinos


How to become Heidi

But you need three of them – wheels of fortune, that is. And they need to land on reels three, four or five. Once that pesky bit is out of the way, the excitement begins. Or, rather, continues.

The idea is to get from the outer ring to the inner ring (stop sniggering). The Mega Jackpot (the one you want) is in the centre, with the Rapid and Major Jackpots on the outer rings. The arrows on the rings are what moves you from one to another.

All jackpot totals are separate and displayed above the reels so you always know how much you could potentially scoop.

Naturally, scooping jackpots isn’t easy. Drilling down to the Mega Jackpot can happen after just six spins (Hi, Heidi) but it could take 60, 600 or 6 million. Thankfully, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. A relaxing, inoffensive soundtrack burbles away as the reels spin. Free spins come about by hitting three, four or five of the diamond scatter symbols on any of the reels and leads to 10, 15 or 20 spins respectively. Winnings get beefed up by 3x during the feature but if scatters continue to rain down then more spins are awarded and winnings multiplied up to a maximum of 10x.

Mega Fortune Dreams should appeal to both high and low rollers alike. Those on more slender bankrolls will be pleased to hear that the bonus features can still be activated over minimum playlines. Until NetEnt release the next in the series – Super Mega Fortune Dreams, perhaps, set on the deck of TWO luxury yachts? – there is plenty here to satisfy those who dream of hitting it big.