Slot Machine Review: Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West casino

We’re romantics at heart…

It’s very easy to romanticise the wild west. Wide open spaces under never ending skies, freedom, rolling into town on your horse, guns strapped around your waist, shots of whisky, bordellos, a cigar chewed to a stump hanging out at the corner of your mouth. The odd gunfight. Stealing some cattle when you get bored. Maybe even robbing a train. That kind of thing. And, brilliantly, if you were around back then your activities were all accompanied by a sparse, super-cool soundtrack.

Yes, they were the days. Except they weren’t the days. Life was probably tough and boring back then and the only thing to break the monotony was the odd moment of terror.

Luckily, Net Entertainment have stayed true to the mythical, romantic version of the American wild west rather than the dryer, more accurate one. This comic-book style slot is exactly as it should be featuring as it does hard-bitten gunslingers, train robberies, pistols firing into the air and a distinct lack of boredom.


Wild Wild West Characters


Blending fact and fiction

Stick Johnny Cash and Ennio Morricone into a blender (although, actually, don’t – that’s not very nice) and you’ll get an idea of the soundtrack. Stick some playing card suits, a handful of desperadoes, Lucky 7’s and safes in a blender and you get an idea of the sorts of symbols you’ll encounter here. The wild symbol is a far-from-confusing orange symbol that says “Wild” and substitutes for all of the symbols except for the bonus safe symbols and the “7” scatter.

All of this is neatly backdropped by a brilliantly stereotypical dusky desert landscape.

NetEnt rarely slip up when it comes to producing playable, aesthetically pleasing and interesting games and they have once again done themselves proud here.


Wild Wild West Slot


Pick, click, win, go wild.

The pick and click feature is unlikely to trouble anyone in terms of complexity. Land three gold safe symbols anywhere on lines one, three, of five and you’ve got yourself a bonus. Pick one of those safes, click your choice and get a bonus anywhere from five and 50 times your stake. Yee – and for that matter – haw.

Everyone loves free spins. It’s true. We asked everyone we know, “Do you love free spins?” and they all said yes. So, you know: facts. Here you get them by bagging three or more 7 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Three bags you 10 free spins, four gets you 20 and if five roll in then get ready to be happy – 30 free spins.

But the happiness doesn’t – or shouldn’t – end there. During these free spins you’ll have one of four wild features chosen at the slot’s whim: a Regular Wild, Expanding Wild, Multiplier Wild (X2) and a Spreading Wild. Regularly hit these features on your tablet, mobile or laptop and you can experience all the fun of the wild west with none of the boredom or terror.