Slot Machine Review: Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 logo

The more coins the merrier

This fun, cheery, and uncomplicated little slot has been wowing players across the world – but predominantly in that Scandinavian-shaped part of the world – for some time now. Inspired by a Norwegian slot called Jackpot 2000, it has just the three reels and five paylines and a RTP (return to player) percentage that favours those playing more coins at a time. Play 1-8 coins and the RTP is a rather meagre looking 74.9%-79.2%. If you are playing 10 coins, however, the RTP leaps to a much more palatable 95.1%-98.9%. Our advice? Go for the 10 if your bankroll allows – your future self might just thank you for it.


Welcome to Vegas

Where are we? We’re in a casino in Las Vegas, that’s where. Or it certainly looks like that’s where we are. There are no clocks on the wall, some plastic ferns shoot out of a plant pot, the carpet is one of those carpets designed to hide stains, there are chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. Yep, this seems to be Vegas. And in the middle of this typical looking casino scene is our friend, Jackpot 6000, plonked right in the middle.

The slot looks refreshingly gimmick-free. It bears all the hallmarks of an old-school fruit machine. Classic symbols of the genre dominate here from cherries (the lowest-value symbol) through lemons, grapes, bells and stars and jokers – all looking at their clear, brilliant best.

And sounds? No emotional, stirring orchestras or cheesy synth pop here – you hear the frenetic spinning of the wheels and celebratory yelping when you hit a win but that’s about your lot.


Jackpot 6000


Heads? Tails? Mysteriously small or mysteriously big?

So far, so straightforward. Things take a turn for the more interesting, though, after you bag a win.

Here you can keep your win or in true balla style try and gamble it up. There is the heads or tails option. Click on heads or the maple leaf tails and take your chances: if you win you double your winnings. If you lose then, well, unfortunately your winnings are toast.

You can also click on “spin” and try to spin up your winnings on the supermeter. This is when the jokers come into play. These cheery little dudes can turn you into a cheery little dude: land two of them in any combination and you’re in line for a mystery win. Sometimes this win is a mysteriously small 10 coins (boo) but can reach as high as a massive 6000 coins (hooray).

Ah, of course. That’s why it’s called Jackpot 6000. We really need to get more sleep…


6000 reasons to play…?

Although this may appear to lack the intricacy and glamour of some online and mobile slots, this is a little gem. We may struggle to think of 6000 reasons to play this game, but the understated charm, playability, pleasing aesthetics, simplicity and the chance for picking up some decent coin are at least a decent start…