Choosing your slot

What slot to play?

The Good Old Days

Slot machines are nothing new – they have been capturing our attention since the late nineteenth century and are, in the twenty-first century, more popular than ever. Both online and real-world casinos make the majority of their revenue from slots still – in Las Vegas alone there are a mighty 200,000 of the things.

And yet they are still shrouded in mystery, folklore and superstition. In land-based casinos, players will wander around feeling the machines believing that if the machine feels hot then it is more likely to be “hot” and liable to pay out. Or they study casino floor plans to see which machines are getting money pumped into them and more likely to spit out jackpots. Or they ask the floor staff which are the hottest machines. Or they pray, or chant, or talk to or plead with the machines.

None of these things work.

Despite acres of online literature claiming otherwise, there is no “foolproof” way to beat the slots. However, there are certain steps you can take to help swing the online slot odds in your favour.

The Good New Days

Lots of players see playing online slots as a form of entertainment – so first up pick a machine that you enjoy playing. Like seeing vikings in battle? There’s a machine for that. Like seeing frogs jump across lilypads? There’s a machine for that. Like luxury yachts, mythical cities or the old wild west? There are machines for those, too.

But there’s no need to get married to a particular slot. There are hundreds out there.

Switched-on, progressive game developers have covered just about everything across hundreds of machines, from basic, retro, old-school numbers to the glitziest, snazziest, most action-iest and intricate slots available.

So there is plenty of choice with a vast array of sounds, features, themes, aesthetics and playability available.

Do you like high or low volatility? Lots of small wins or the occasional monster win? Are you a fan of progressive jackpots? Do you prefer a high return to player rate (RTP) to make your money go further or something with a lower RTP but could potentially give you a life-changing amount of cash? A general rule here is that the more simple a game is to play, the greater the odds.

The Future

This is where we come in. Slotreviews trawl the online world to find the best offers, most generous welcome bonuses and review both the latest and greatest slots in order to give you the most enjoyable and rewarding experience available online.