Bonuses explained

Bonus Offer

Ah, bonuses. Who doesn’t like a bonus? Seriously, who? We asked around the office and among our families and friends and it turns out there’s no-one who doesn’t like a bonus. Online casinos are falling over themselves to offer incredible-sounding bonuses. But how incredible are they and what types of bonuses are out there? Let’s take a look…

Welcome Bonus

These tend to be the most eye-catching and lucrative that the online casinos offer and are targeted at new customers. Often they will be 100% of your first deposit – so if you deposit £100 you will have £200 to play with. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the bonus amount, the more you’ll have to wager to cash in, typically somewhere in the region of 35x-45x. We’re a responsible outfit at Slotreviews and highly recommend looking through the T’s & C’s of your chosen website before depositing.

Reload bonuses

These are similar to a Welcome Bonus, although often not quite as generous. Casinos may offer, say, an additional 50% on top of whatever it is you’re thinking of depositing (so deposit £100 and play with £150). Again, you’ll need to “play through” a certain amount before your bonus is realised. Again, it’s best to give those terms and conditions a once over.

Special promotions for special slots

Often casinos will run targeted promotions for particular slots – either because they are brand new or underperforming. Keep a special eye out for these special promotions for especially new machines, which will often include lots of lovely free spins.

No deposit bonuses

In theory these are great. You don’t need to deposit any money to win and players are offered either a monetary amount or a certain number of free spins. In practice they can be great, too: money for nothing.

However, although they are risk-free they do come with caveats – you’ll often have to play lots for reasonably slim profits and some sites may require you to make a deposit before you can withdraw. Still, we’re not ones to turn down free money.

High roller bonuses

You know those movies where a rich out-of-towner swans into Vegas on a comped private jet and gets put up in a luxurious suite in the hotel for free because they’ll be playing lots in the casino? Well, the same thing happens online. Except on not quite as grand a scale. Those with bigger bankrolls who deposit larger amounts will be typically rewarded with higher bonuses but it pays to follow our guides and search around for the best deals.

Loyalty bonuses

Like above – online casinos will often reward players who play and deposit regularly with free spins, cash, electronic gadgets, fun-sounding holidays and plenty more.