Slot Machine Review: Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune logo

Origins. Perhaps.

“What is bigger,” those bright sparks over at Net Entertainment must have wondered during a board meeting, “than a fortune? Fortunes are a bit passe nowadays – everyone has a fortune. A fortune is barely enough to safely navigate your way through the choppy financial waters of the 21st Century. There must be something bigger than a fortune…”


“I’ve got it! How about…a MEGA FORTUNE!”


And that was how this little beauty of a slot machine came about. Probably.

Either that, or Mega Fortune was simply NetEnt’s response to Microgaming’s fun and well-liked Mega Moolah.


Get rich or have fun trying

Whatever its origins, Scandinavians, in particular, have been falling over themselves to play this hugely popular 25 line, five reel machine for the last few years. Net Entertainment are no slouches when it comes to producing highly playable, aesthetically pleasing slots. It has a retro-y, game-show-in-the-1980s feel about it and a pleasingly cheery accompanying soundtrack.

The symbols, unsurprisingly, shriek wealth. Or, rather, shriek ostentatious wealth: gold and diamond encrusted jewelry, rings, watches, limousines and a glass of brandy next to a smouldering cigar dominate here. A speedboat that tears across the screen is the wild symbol and gives an automatic cash prize.


Mega Fortune slot


Mega progression

Mega Fortune offers a chunky 96.6% RTP (return to player) rate. This doesn’t mean you’ll be winning the “I’ve got an idea darling, let’s buy an island” sums of money every few minutes, but does mean you’ll be getting a lot of small and steady wins.

The game gives a generous sprinkling of free spins when you hit three or more champagne bottles. Find yourself bagging a number of these and expect some big – albeit not life changing – multipliers. Aside from the progressive jackpot(s), the maximum you can win in any one spin is a meaty €107,000. That should keep you in brandy and cigars for a while.

But let’s be honest, the real allure lies in bagging that progressive jackpot. First the good news: you don’t have to be a millionaire already to win it, with bet sizes (across all reels) ranging from €0.25 to €5 per spin. Now the more good news: it’s always going up. According to the official line from NetEnt, the minimum a player can win from scooping the Mega Jackpot is €250,000. But this is a rarity, you’d have to pretty unlucky (in a sense, at least) to win just that. The jackpot is constantly going up, linked to casinos around the world and according to them is “won on average every 14 weeks, and the average payout exceeds over €3,000,000.”

And to win it? Bag yourself three bonus symbols in a winning combination and enter the wheel of fortune. Land on arrows rather than figure amounts to go deeper through the wheels, neatly sidestep the Rapid Jackpot, dodge the Major Jackpot and you’re there.

It sounds good in theory but much harder in practice. So get out there, have fun, enjoy yourself, and get practicing. And if you don’t hit it, you’ll at least have a little entertainment along the way.