Slot Machine Review: Mega Moolah Isis

Mega Moolah Isis

First things first.

Mega Moolah Isis is not named after that Isis. You know the one, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the militant fundamentalist group whose activities often pepper the news. If we were picking a theme upon which to base an online/mobile slot machine game, the ideology and behaviour of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria would be pretty low down on the list.

No, this is a different Isis – the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility and bounty. Saucy stuff, no? So saucy, in fact, that many pagan groups and the modern Goddess movement still worship her. But should you be worshipping this game? Read on…


Second things second.

Mega Moolah Isis is the successor to Microgaming’s hugely enjoyable (and potentially hugely financially rewarding) Mega Moolah. In that game, we hung out on the plains of the African Savanna. Here we are in Ancient Egypt, so expect soothing, Arabic music lifted from an Indiana Jones flick humming away, gold statues, a sphinx and bright, sunlit skylines.

Everything is a little sharper and cleaner than its predecessor and playability feels smoother. Like Mega Moolah it has five reels and 25 paylines and, crucially for many players, also has a progressive jackpot. More on which later.

Traditional ancient Egyptian symbols (a golden orb, a sarcophagus) jostle for space with traditional slot machine symbols – playing cards from A to T. There are a number of symbols to look out for that get the blood pumping that bit faster. A sexy looking Isis is one. She’s the wild and as well as substituting for other symbols, she will lead to you scooping up a massive 10,000 coins if you land five of her on an active payline.

The scatter symbol is an eagle. And not just any ordinary eagle – a purple eagle. Imagine that. Three of these get you 20 free spins, four get you 25 free spins and five get you 30. With a 6x multiplier up for grabs, expect to be flying around the room when these hit.


Mega Moolah Isis Casino


Third things third

Like Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis has a big draw and that is the progressive jackpot. There are no prizes for finesse or skill here: if the RNG (random number generator) decides to shine on you then you are awarded the wheel of fortune feature. You are always guaranteed to win something, but just one of the segments will activate the mammoth, life-changing progressive jackpot prize.


And, finally…

We’re not sure if Ancient Egyptians were big fans of gambling (we just checked – apparently in ancient Egypt incurable gamblers were forced to conduct hard labour. Eek) but unlike a lot of other slots Mega Moolah Isis has a gamble feature. Any win on the reels gives you the chance to double or quadruple your money. Guess at the colour of the next card (drawn at random) to double it, or the guess at the suit to quadruple it. It may not be the progressive jackpot you were hoping for but it’s a fun and reasonably exhilarating addition to what is a splendid, iconic and ever-popular game.