Hall of Gods – Now with a €6.4 million jackpot

Hall of Gods slot live

Imagine being a god. To be able to do anything you want. To turn dreams into a reality. To be able to grant wishes for others that would change their lives…

While the Hall of Gods slot game won’t quite make you into a god, it’s mega jackpot is so big that you’ll be able to do all of the above. Currently standing at €6.4m, the Hall of Gods mega jackpot would transform the existence of the winner.

Hall of Gods is a game based on the great gods of Norse mythology, which includes the likes of Odin, Freya, Loki and Thor. It’s atmospheric music and sound effects will take you into into an immersive world in which with the aid of the gods, you must defeat an evil dragon.

A five reel, 20 win line slot game, Hall of Gods features three progressive jackpots. What’s more, players are treated to scatter symbols, wild symbols and free spins, with the scatter symbols being able to expand over your other reels and increase the amount you win.

To land one of those three big jackpots you must play the bonus game. In order to enter the bonus game you must be playing at the maximum stake, using the full amount of 20 win lines. If your spin reveals three bonus symbols in a win line combination, you activate the bonus game and a chance to win a jackpot.

In the bonus game you take charge of the might god of thunder Thor. You must smash shields with Thor’s famous hammer to reveal the symbols that lie beneath. Reveal three matching symbols and you will win the corresponding jackpot.

The top of the game screen shows you the amounts of the three jackpots that you are competing to win. All of these jackpots are progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a prize that is pooled across every casino that features a certain game. Hall of Gods is a game made by the Swedish company NetEnt and every online casino that features this title adds to the pooled jackpots, with each spin that is made across the world contributing to the prizes on offer.

Of the three jackpots the smallest is the mini, but when you consider that the jackpot prize has risen to over €8000 in the past, it’s certainly one that is well worth winning. The next biggest is the midi, though the prize which can run into hundreds of thousands, can in no way be described as ‘medium’.

Finally there is the mega jackpot and the prize levels are truly worthy of the name. Currently €6.4m, it’s risen to as much as €7.5m in recent times. On average this huge prize is won around twice a year.

So what are you waiting for?