Slot Review: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast

A beautiful relationship or the reflection of a beastly society?

We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast, right? A father pimps out his hot daughter to an ugly dude who lives in financial splendour. Ugly dude showers hot daughter with gifts whilst keeping her locked up in his castle. Hot daughter leaves for a bit, realises she loves the ugly dude, gets upset and her tears drip onto the ugly dude and cause him to transform into a handsome prince.

Which is kind of lovely, really. You know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz. Some critics, though, have seen the Beauty and the Beast story as a way of indoctrinating women into forced marriages in 18th century France.

Which is kind of not lovely, really. But will you get forcibly married to this game? Let’s have a look…

Beauty and the beast Gameplay

Beautifully typical stuff from those clever beasts over at Yggdrasil.

Aficionados of online slot machines will be well aware of the Yggdrasil stable and will have an idea of what to expect: smooth gameplay, gorgeous aesthetics, appropriately soaring music and no small degree of creativity. This ticks all those boxes, then it adds a few more boxes and ticks those as well. It has a perfectly-fine RTP (97%), a maximum win of €100,00 and is available on all manner of mobile and tablet devices – meaning you can play all over your castle, on a park bench, or anywhere else in between.

The brilliantly decked-out and backdropped reels house both Beauty (a beauty) and the Beast (a bit of a beast, really, although we don’t like to be unkind), who are the highest-paying symbols. Lower paying symbols making up the numbers are a variety of coloured gemstones.

There are three characters – they call them servants – who you may want to look out for and can appear randomly in the base game. A suave butler can nudge one reel up or down for the best outcome (for you, not them); a chubby chef synchronises the middle three reels; and a maid sporadically pops up and chucks around two to four wilds in random positions.

Attractive free spins

Land three or more scatter symbols – a plump rose – and you get free spins. Three scatters gets you 10 free spins; four also get you 10 free spins but with a 1,000 coin bonus; and five of those lovely fat roses get you 10 free spins and 5,000 coins.

During the free spins you can pick one or more servants to help you – but be aware that if you end up picking all three then respins cannot be retriggered.

If your bankroll allows we suggest taking advantage of the Golden Bet addition which, in a nutshell, costs a fair bit more money but results in better and more regular features.


These features may not give you enough cash to buy castles and get fathers to sell their daughters to you, but they can certainly swell your bankroll and provide handsome entertainment along the way.